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Yogurt Salad


Cucumber, Yogurt and Dry Mint

Mint Cabbage Salad


(Shredded Cabbage, Shredded Carrot, Dry Mint, Lemon Juice, Olive Oil)

Caesar Salad


(Romaine Lettuce and Croutons Dressed with Parmesan Cheese and Caesar Dressing)



(Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Mint, Cucumber, Red Radish, and Parsley with Toasted Bread)

Garbanzo Bean Salad


(Tomatoes, Onions, Garbanzo Beans, Cucumber, Lemon Juice, Parsley and Corn)

Greek Salad


(Fresh Garden Vegetables, Feta Cheese, Greek Olives, served with Olive Oil and Vinegar Dressing)



(Mix of Chopped Parsley, Tomatoes, Mint, Green Onions and Olive Oil)

Chicken Salad


(Cabbage, Corn, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumber Onion Topped with Grilled Chicken Breast and Salad Dresssing)

Beets Salad


(Beets with Olive Oil, Cabbage, Sweet Corn and Lemon Juice)

Additional Salad Topping


Beef Shawerma or Beef Kabob